Demo page

This page is for demonstration purposes only.

Below are some examples of how social media posts can be "embedded" within a WordPress page (or a post). It involves copying some coding from the individual social media post that you want to embed. You copy the code to where you want the post embedded on you WordPress page.

Embedding social media content can be a good way to drive traffic between your sites. Traffic to and from other related websites can improve your search engine results ranking. It can also add more value for visitors who use your website.

Embedded Facebook post (example)

Embedded Tweet (example)

Embedded LinkedIn post (example)

Embedded Twitter Feed

This example shows embedding of an entire Twitter feed rather than a single Tweet. So, as new content is added on Twitter (more Tweets, comments, and such), this embedded feed will be updated on your WordPress page also.

Note: There may be a momentary delay while your browser renders the dynamically embedded content to display on this page. If necessary, refresh your browser to get the latest content.

Until the Twitter feed renders here, a link to your Twitter page will appear in its place, giving the visitor the option to go there directly if they prefer.