This page demonstrates how social media can be embedded into your website. None of your other pages link to this demo page so it's not likely to be seen by your website visitors. This page can be deleted at any time. 

What might be the purpose of doing this?

Drive more traffic to your site. Increase exposure of your content. Reveal more about your interests and activities to clients.  Find more people (clients). Publicize your web content by encouraging readers to share via social media. 

NOTE: Similar treatment can be applied to Facebook and other social media accounts. 

If your Twitter content is not entirely appropriate for sharing with clients, you could set up separate Twitter accounts for professional and personal use and just embed the professional one here. 

Below is an example of embedding a single Tweet. You'd add content to the page to give more context and to further promote the topic.

Example: I went to this luncheon last year and look forward to going again in 2018 when she comes in April. I like what Veronika has to say about blah, blah, blah. Let me know if you're going meet up to discuss this topic.

Doing this can also be a way to display your interests, get more followers, encourage sharing of your web/social media content.

I can also embed your Twitter timeline.