Introduction to LJE Law Blog

After 25 years in large law firms and corporations, I decided to pursue the challenges and professional opportunities of starting my own law practice.

I am often asked why I wanted to go from an in-house counsel position to a solo practice. The reasons are many, but mostly I wanted to get back in the courtroom and practice law in the Detroit legal market. I also wanted to pursue my original goal when I entered law school of helping individuals and small businesses achieve their personal and business goals.

And while solo practice may not be as lucrative as an in-house or large law firm position, it allows for the flexibility and autonomy that just cannot be found in “Big Law.”

As I venture into the world of solo practice, I am starting this blog as a way to communicate with clients. My goal in blogging is not to give legal advice, but to provide updates on the law, commentary on current events, and news of interest. A blog also gives me the opportunity to learn from my clients and colleagues.

Blog topics may span the range of legal areas in which I practice- bankruptcy, litigation and business law. The blog may be a summary of a recent legal opinion, updates on new rules or procedures, practical tips on handling a process or procedure, or just about anything that I think might be useful to someone.

In that regard, I would appreciate input on topics that interest you and comments on blog posts. You can comment on this website, or feel free to email me at .

Thanks for reading and I look forward to connecting with you!